Bellingham Television
This Is Now Bellingham's TV Station
Now That We Have Lost KVOS TV
And Because I Love You All

Arthur, A Very Special Bellingham Television Character!

Ever since I was a child, I dreamed of running my own TV station. Now that dream may be coming true.

When I was a teenager and while I was at a Boston Celtics Basketball Game, I stuck my foot between the camera and the announcer. That was the first time I was ever on TV. And they got mad at me for doing this.

Did they get mad at me because of the hole in the sole of my shoe and a ripped sock, or were they fearing the career that this incident has started?????

My Live Stream (When I Feel Like It)
Attempt At Chapter One Of Arthur Rosenau Reunion

More Animated Shorts From An Upcoming Video About Arthur

Animated Shorts From An Upcoming Video About Arthur

First Short Video About My Life

Children In Front Of Fireplace

First Chapter Of Buildinig Oscilloscope

An Introduction - Why We Need It And Why KVOS Let Us Down!

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