Arthur Rosenau My One And Only Deep True Love

I had only one true and deep love in my life.

This wonderful and true gentleman's name was Arthur Rosenau.

I met Arthur in San Francisco in 1878 and we fell in love right away. Our relationship was very deep and emotional, but unfortunately, it was short. Arthur died of cancer in 1982.

I had lost all of my photos of Arthur due to carelessness on my part while moving.

The photo you see here is from a very emotional journey through my long lost fond memories. This is a modeling using Blender, an open source modeling and animation tool. And yes, I was in tears much of the time I was undergoing this process!

Arthur is the man in the center, holding hands with two other men whom I was close to in San Francisco!

But, now, Arthur is now ready to be a star in some of my upcoming videos, taking place here in 1950's Bellingham!

Lets welcome Arthur Rosenau to Bellingham Television!

Arthur Rosenau

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